Blasphemous or Not - 2008 - PHP/MySQL

Blasphemous or Not

Blasphemous Or Not was a PHP based website that emulated the popular photo rating site "Hot or Not", to rate objects, texts and images as blasphemous or not. The attempt to democratize the process of categorizing things as blasphemous was born out of frustration with the news out of Sudan about a British school teacher in Somalia who was being prosecuted for the naming a teddy bear, the classroom mascot, Mohammad.

Mohammad was the name of the Islamic prophet and the person holds a very special place in the hearts of all Muslims. But there were many Mohammads before the Prophet of Islam and there have been countless since, and not all of them have been the symbol of purity a Teddy Bear can be. Why then was this school teacher suddenly the target of such vitriol?

Many reasonable Muslims around the world watched with horror as this saga unfolded, helpless against the religious authorities with home they had no contact with, no connection with. It was out of this frustration the site was developed.