Waiting in line in any situation is an unpleasant experience, and my friend and I wanted to find a way to make this experience less unpleasant. We were inspired in part by the lines at the Post Office, where people get sucked into the bureaucracy made manifest. This line for that purpose, that line for this purpose, and if you make a mistake it is back to the end of the line for you.

Unfortunately, history has made the kind of thing we wanted to do impossible in a Post Office. People are tense enough as it is, and there's a historical reason we say people have "gone postal" when they burst into a fit of rage. Instead we set our sights on making the lines at airports a little more fun. We researched the lines at JFK's Terminal 5, home to JetBlue and the famous Saarinen TWA Terminal. Most people barely notice the architectural landmark just outside of the terminal, but to those who do it is a reminder of a bygone era of flight, when flying was glamorous and fun.

To recapture a bit of that, we designed a spatially aware OpenFrameworks application that utilized the Kinect's ability to recognize individual blobs to map out the locations of every person and every bag and fly a little airplane around them. As a result of the minimalist interface and interaction the experience is subtle and transient. An individual can interact with the game simply by standing in line, or if they want by waving their arms and getting in the path of the airplane.